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Although prolific in our tech adventures, App Development is where our specialities truly lie. Aiming to exceed our customer expectations with exceptional load times, innovation and usability, our in-house team are consistently on hand allowing for agile management and swift communication at all times.

It’s our mission to provide outstanding development whilst constantly refining our craft to raise the standard of the UK tech industry.

Some Of Our Customers

A close working relationship with Google, an exceptional level of expertise in software development and specialists in the Android platform while it currently holds *68% of the mobile market share, as well as utilisation of Google's latest mobile app SDK, Flutter, we've made sure our clients have taken full advantage of the technology available with outstanding apps that serve their customers fully & help to extend the reach of their business.

How Do We Work?

We create a stunning UI focussed around an outstanding UX.We then bring your app to life with our in-house development team.Before launch we work together to make sure that everything is perfect.We launch your app into the Play Store and monitor its performance looking for opportunities to further perfect your project.

*Information Sourced from: https://www.netmarketshare.com/
On: 17th January 2018
Exact Figures: Android @ 68.69 % ~ iOS @ 29.26 %

Who Are DevAngels?

We are a collection of highly creative and specialised individuals with a wide range of knowledge and experience of business, software development, design and product gathered across the last 20 years.

Our expertise is focused on all of Android’s operations including mobile, wear, tablet, TV & auto alongside keeping up to date with future innovations produced by Google/Android such as Android Instant Apps and Google’s next OS, codename ‘Fuchsia’.

We have recently also participated in the early development stage of Google's latest venture Flutter which, using the coding language 'Dart', looks to be an extremely exciting offering and will see us venturing further into developing iOS Apps also!
Stay tuned for more info on this front...

What Do We Do?

We bring your ideas to life!

We drive innovation, we strive for perfection and we utilise the latest technological advancements at the first given opportunity to best serve our clients so that they can best serve theirs.

Our key principles: Innovate. Perfect. Deliver.

Why Do We Do It?

We believe in raising the standard of UK based app development with our in-house team and exceptional customer-centric service.

For 6 years to 2015, while contracting and honing our skills in other areas, we identified an overall trend within the Android marketplace: We were regularly met with extremely poor development standards, tales of woe from clients who had been oversold on promises, for the final product to never materialise or if a product did materialise; it was never close to the standard expected. We also learnt of occasions when the client had doubled their expenditure due to outsourcing overseas, only to be met with the above issues, or similar, where the language barrier increased the overall lead-time.

We are here to change this for the better and to provide a go-to resource for all European based businesses.

Can We Help You?

Whether you already have an idea or just want to discuss possibilities, we are more than happy to have a chat. We work with a large range of clients from startups to large corporates across all verticals. The first step is to create clarity, and we're just a phone call, message or email away!

How can we help?
We would LOVE to hear from you!

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+44 (0)20 8300 6851

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